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Bhaktas of Bharathadesa
Saturday 04 August 2018, 05:00pm - 06:15pm
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Did you know, that there was a time in India when people longed to listen to the songs composed by "great" people? Songs about bhakti and ways of life that were sung in the simplest language that a layman can understand, Why were these people considered great? Were they born great? No.Don't be surprised if I tell you that some of them were even thieves before they were revered"Bhaktas".What happened? What changed them? and What did they do to this land of ours? Are you curious? Then do come to Kavade attic on the 4th of August, Saturday, as we take you through the lives of two such people from Karnataka. Akkamadevi and Kanakadasa.

The session will be a musical storytelling event. after the session, we will sing songs composed by the great poets. This is a chance for you and your little ones to know about the beautiful compositions of the great poets and learn a few songs too. And if you know how to play the dhol or harmonium do get it along for more fun!
See you on the 4th of August.

Event date time: 4th August(Saturday), 5 to 6.15 pm.

Tickets@Venue: 200/- Per Person 

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Location : Kavade Attic, Seshadripuram
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