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Nostalgic memories of summertime and school break. Just thinking about it brings a smile and happiness in me.

I grew up in Mumbai, then called Bombay. Every year we had summer vacations for two months - April and May. April would be passed anxiously waiting for exam results, yet with a lot of fun playing different board games, card games and badminton.  Board games we played, were drawn on the floor with chalk. We used shells for dice and game counters were either broken bangles or stones. The game was called 'kaach kaudi' in Marathi, meaning glass and shell… very similar to Ludo. It had two variations, 5 houses or 7 houses.

Seeds of Change

The earthy remnants of rain are all around. And it’s the best time to go foraging… of a different kind 


The monsoons have such a charm and song about them. With the rains come the cravings… the need for warm hugs and hot mugs. With everything becoming a bit slower, and more laid back, there’s an instinctive feeling to stay in for ‘feet up’ times.

But monsoons are a great time to step out – to watch things grow, to observe transformation, to see tiny creatures crawl. The trees are alive, and everything around so lush. Barring the heavy intense kinds, rains can bring a sense of calm - a time to consolidate, so to say.  


Kavade Attic came alive in a beautiful way last 4 days with the sweet sound of charakhas & innovative experiments. Immensely grateful to Madhavji for untiringly mentoring us.

Throwback moments!

Ecology through Art

A workshop where we explored the little happenings in nature, waiting for the ant to make its choice for food, feeling barks of trees, noticing the leaves, homes, climbing up trees, Bird watching & so much more Games, art work with our collections, jewellery.. Dr Lakshmi was kind enough to open the RRI campus to our little team! with Abhisheka Krishnagopal.

LEGO Wedo workshop at Lavender Lane, Kothanur

This workshop was based on robotics using Lego Wedo construction kit tool where we designed our own interactive machines and then programmed it. This is the base for children in their lifelong learning. The next Lego Wedo is on 24 April at Kavade Attic. Hurry Up!

Theatre games & lots of fun, making props, a wonderful performance by the kids & pizza party too!. The next one is from 24th Apr-29th Theatre workshop at Lavender lane, Kothanur Anuradha Rao, Sandeep Jain, Untitled Arts Foundation.

As the festive season of Dasara  approaches with multitudes of rituals, pujas and festivities, each and every household is busy mustering their doll treasures. It's for the annual Bombe Habba (doll festival), a phenomenon distinctly ‘Mysuru’ in its flavour and appeal.

How Cow Now Cow - A Performance for Children

Presenting HOW COW NOW COW by Sandbox Collective

Name: How Cow Now Cow
Directed by:
Vinod Ravindran
Performed by:
Sachin Gurjale, Rency Philip and Anirudh Mahesh

Ameen Haque from StoryWallahs will be narrating some of his favorite Love Stories this Sunday evening in a mix of English & Hindi, prose and poetry. Come and listen to stories that touch upon various dimensions of love. Who knows, in these stories you may find something that resonates with yours? 


Minti Jain who decided to keep her folk dance experience alive from her student life in J. Krishnamurti schools, will be moderating the sessions. Presently she is a theatre trainer at Bangalore Little Theatre, and has taught folk dances at numerous workshops at BLT and other venues.

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