Made to Order

Installations for the verandah, boards for the bedside, game benches for schools… Kavade has super-sized some of the most interesting board games, custom-made to particular tastes. We’ve also made recreation centers in resorts, experience zones at events and hideaways for homes. Beaming with vibrant colours, these ancient-game zones can add a unique dimension, becoming the center-piece of the turf.

Want a time-out arena for your office or board game furniture for your personal nook? We can make it for you. Kavade also custom make unique and almost extinct board games, on request.

Corporate gifting
We can tailor make board games to incorporate your brand logo, message, in a preferred size and colour

Be it courtyards and backyards or campuses and resorts, our outdoor installations in stone, add character to open spaces

Personalize your space with our in-built board tables. All traditional floor games can be custom-made into wooden tables to suit your taste and decor

Sourcing unique games
We comb through communities to source unique games that are no less than hidden treasures. Want a unique game sourced? We can do that for you. Leave us an email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Return gifts

Take a step away from one-time-use and plastic giveaways. Kavade's custom-size board games make for beautiful and meaningful party favours.

Installation of Kavade AATADA KATTE  at Nandi-Citadel apartment in Bangalore

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