Game Experiences


Kavade organizes board game immersions and tournaments for various groups at schools, institutes, offices and apartments. From introduction to dwelling on the history and geography of board games, the sessions bring about a host of revelations. Discussions on flora and fauna of terrain-based games is a natural history session in itself. Aside board games, Kavade also organizes traditional outdoor games like gilli danda, lagori, tyre-rolling and many more. These games instantly raise the energy of the group, while making some relive their childhood memories.

Kavade's on-site sessions bring with it, a lot of fun and laughter and is a great way to spend time, and bond with members of the group. 


Don't have a place to host gaming sessions? Kavade Attic will host it for you. From board games to outdoor games, Attic provides all the space and energy for brimful off-sites and field trips.

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Gaming of a different kind

For frequent screen-game players, these sessions work wonderfully to create fresh perspectives of gaming – playing face to face with an opponent, with real play pieces that have touch and feel aspects. Game experiencers come away charmed with the simplicity and warmth traditional games bring.
Whatever the age group, the sessions always result in a feel-good vibe. Want to have a gaming session for your group? Get in touch with us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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