A treasure chest of memories. A hideaway for heirlooms. A niche toy hive.

Kavade is an endeavour to revive traditional games… board games that are on the brink of extinction. Housing a range of Indian and international games, Kavade is a one-of-a-kind store in Bengaluru that brings families and generations together, over simple pastime pleasures.

In a time when devices are set to take over lives, Kavade is an attempt to depart from ‘tech’ gaming, to celebrate table-top gaming. It is a take on slow down and wind down, sit back and throwback.

Kavade works with artisans and self-help groups across the country, to bring together pieces and portions of nostalgia. All board games, dice and accessories are made from a variation of natural materials.

In store

From classic and unique board games to traditional handicrafts, Kavade has carefully curated an array of collectibles.

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Host an event

An exploratory space, a board game cafe, a party venue, a place for conversation and laughter, Attic is a terrace top with a difference.

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Boards on-site

Kavade organizes board game immersions, workshops, and tournaments for schools, institutes, offices, and communities.

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Share the joy

Board games have the magic potion to bring people together. We organize frequent trips to old age homes and orphanages, where playing a board game becomes a way of respecting one another; a way of sharing joy. Each visit brings about smiles and happy memories. Come, be a part of our next visit. Write to us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Games of Indian Origin

Cultures & traditions are living ecosystems. There is much to be learnt through respect & observation of indigenous cultures & traditions. In the last few centuries, we have been witnessing the growing hazard of homogenization of cultures- similar livelihoods, identical constructions, eating habits, healthcare, consumer goods, and entertainment. 

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