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Bhaktas of Bharatadesa(Story session for all)
Saturday 19 October 2019, 04:30pm - 05:30pm
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Storytelling in India dates back to many centuries. One traditional form of telling that prevailed in India was "Harikatha", where songs and rhythms were used to help people to understand the nuances of life in a simpler and a very enjoyable manner. Bhaktas of Bharatadesa is a signature series of Tale'scope that explores the life and works of the poets and the dasas of India who were amazing storytellers and played a huge role in making complex ideas reach out to the masses with their wonderful way of interspersing music, movement, and rhythm in their telling.

This is a humble attempt by Tale'scope to give you a glimpse of the wonderful traditional art that India proudly says it's own. 

About the storyteller :
Mythology folklore and history of India are where Lavanya Prasad's interest lies and she is into researching the same. This is a not to be missed session one for the rich story of our land and two for the experience itself.

About the event:
This event is for all age groups. So anybody who is a story lover is welcome.
Event Date and Time : 19th OCTOBER SATURDAY 4.30 pm to 5.30 pm @ Kavade Attic, Seshadripuram.
Event Fee : Rs.200/- per person 

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What to expect?
Come with an open mind and fill it in with a wonderful experience.

About the Venue
Kavade is a Bangalore-based store promoting traditional and value rich games from world over. Kavade Attic is a one of its kind engagement space that brings families and generations together, over simple pastime pleasures- board games, film screenings, workshops, story sessions. performances, conversations.
Thyagaraja, Akkamahadevi, Valmiki, Purandaradasa are bhakta stories we've had the pleasure of listening to earlier. This weekend, come over for Kanakadasa stories.

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