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The battle of Pagade Masters @ RCB Bar & Cafe

The battle of Pagade Masters @ RCB Bar & Cafe

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Deepawali, the Festival of Lights, ushers in a season of joy, celebration, and togetherness. It's a time when families across India have traditionally gathered to revel in the cherished game of Pagade, also known as Chaupad. This Deepawali, our beloved namma ooru (our city) - Bengaluru, will witness a fusion of tradition and sport that's bound to ignite the festive spirit. KAVADE - the Ancient Games Store, proudly presents


Register in Teams of Two

Every ticket includes food & registration of 2 members (team) to the tournament. Bring along your game buddy - you will play as a team!

Hosted at RCB Bar & Café: Where Cricket Meets Tradition Prepare for an extraordinary event taking place at the iconic RCB Bar & Café, the ultimate hub for cricket aficionados. This isn't just another Deepawali gathering; it's an electrifying blend of ancient tradition and contemporary sport.

About the Tournament: A Celebration of Culture and Competence

"The Battle of Pagade Masters" is not just a tournament; it's an invitation to unite families, friends, and communities in the spirit of friendly competition and cultural heritage. We extend a warm welcome to all epic gamers, fun enthusiasts, and those seeking the true essence of Deepawali. Brace yourself for an epic clash of skill, strategy, wit, nostalgia, and contagious laughter, all seasoned with a delectable spread of mouthwatering food.

You could experience playing the power of Shakuni or Krishna or even Draupadi. 
Bring along your game buddy - could be your spouse, child, elderly, your best friend- you will play as a team! If you are wondering how to participate when you do not even know the game, we've got you covered! Just Dive in :)

Did You Know?

Pagade (Chaupad) holds the honor of being the precursor to the modern game of Ludo.

Legend has it that this game was favoured by cousins during the age of the Mahabharata, adding a touch of mythical charm to your Deepawali celebrations.

Exciting Prizes Await

In the spirit of Deepawali, we're delighted to announce a treasure trove of prizes for the participants, sponsored by Jain Farms:

  • An unforgettable stay at the beautiful Jain Farms resort
  • RCB Memorabilia to treasure
  • Champs in Between: Throughout the event, there will be quizzes and more, with opportunities to win gift hampers

Join us in creating an unforgettable Deepawali experience, where tradition harmonizes with competition, and cherished memories are rekindled through the captivating game of Pagade. Prepare to forge new friendships, celebrate old traditions, and immerse yourself in the warmth of togetherness.

Date: Nov 11

Event Time: 11am-3pm

Event Venue: RCB Bar & Café, Church Street, Bengaluru

Let's come together to make this Deepawali a celebration to remember, where the timeless joy of Pagade reignites our spirits in the heart of a cricket lover's paradise.


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