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Mad Over Mangoes
Saturday 23 March 2019, 04:30pm - 05:30pm
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Exams over ? Treat yourself to some lovely mango tales!.

Come Spring and we start to dream of Mangoes. If you are a Mango lover like Lavanya, who loves to eat Mangoes... sometimes cut but most of the time relish the juicy succulent flesh with it's juice dribbling from your hands to elbow, then you should not miss this "Story Session"! Calling out to all Mango lovers for a succulent, juicy, delicious Mango Tale time with Tale'scope.

Come off with your loved ones, and let's enjoy our "Shared" love for mangoes through some timeless Mango tales from around the world.

About the Storyteller
Lavanya Prasad is fondly remembered by her audience as "Laddoo" aunty! Enhanced with music and movement, Laddoo aunty's story session is not to be missed- must watch ones. Lavanya strongly believes that everything in this world can be made beautiful and wonderful through stories. She loves to connect with children and adults using this powerful medium. You can know more about her in and watch her videos in her youtube Channel "Talescope Bangalore".....

but you will know her better when you interact with her in person so come off!

Come prepared for some marakothi aata also!

Event date and time : 23rd March, 4.30 pm to 5.30 pm.

Event Fee : Rs.100/- per person

Location : Kavade Attic, Seshadripuram

To Register Call 99800 22820
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