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Board Games

At the Lepakshi temple (Andhra Pradesh)

Board games are more than just a piece for pastime. Played by kings and queens of yore, they are historical narratives waiting to be explored. India has its own share of monumental games. From Shakuni inviting Lord Krishna to a game of dice, to Akbar’s courtroom transformed into a life-size frame of Pachisi, board games have been etched in the pages of history, often reflecting the state and culture of the era they came from. Board game carvings can be found on the floors of ancient temples, even today.

Playing a traditional board game can take you back in time… to a royal setting, to a battlefield, to plots and landscapes rife with mystery.

While empires were known for their ornate forms of board games, the common man's primitive versions were played with material from the immediate surrounding - stones, sticks, seeds, edibles even. In some cases, the 'winnings' were celebrated by eating them!

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